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Rachel Popper P.A. Offers Unique Legal Services For Both Personal Injury Attorneys And Real Estate Agents.

Settling and finalizing client matters, such as the petition to compromise a minor claim, can be time consuming and requires an intimate knowledge of very specific laws and procedures that apply. Without court approval some personal injury settlements may be delayed in payment, and real estate closings are always susceptible to incomplete documents or title issues. These final steps are very necessary, but can also take you away from attending to other clients and more urgent priorities. By engaging our firm to take over the final stages, you will have a resource to aid in the final stages of a real estate transaction or personal injury settlement.

Areas Of Our Practice

Filing The Petition To Compromise A Minor Claim

If you have a client whose minor child will receive a personal injury settlement, it is essential to have an attorney involved who understands the rules governing approval and payment. Our firm can represent your client in preparing and filing the petition and application for court approval, as well as attending any mandatory hearings on your behalf. Because we have experience with facilitating the payment of settlements on behalf of minors, we can ensure that your clients will meet the legal criteria for both receiving and managing the settlement amount.

Real Estate Closings For Agents, Buyers Or Sellers

A real estate transaction is complete when all documents and terms have been verified, and the closing can proceed smoothly. As an experienced real estate transactional attorney, Rachel Popper, P.A. can represent parties who wish to have every element of a closing reviewed and approved. There are specific legal requirements for clearing of title, obtaining financing and complying with conditions of sale, and we will conduct a thorough review of your closing documents. If there are any unresolved issues, we will assist you in resolving those prior to the closing date. We can also conduct the closing for buyers and sellers, saving the need for using a title company.

Rachel Popper, P. A.: Legal Services For Personal Injury Attorneys And Real Estate Agents

Even experienced attorneys and real estate agents can use the resources of an attorney that can be trusted to finalize settlements and transactions. If your busy schedule prevents you from giving these final steps your full attention, we are available to act on your client's behalf. We can actually take over communicating and representing your client for this purpose. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can explain to you how our legal services might work for you