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Rachel Popper, P.A. Offers A Skilled Transactional Attorney And Real Estate Closing Lawyer In South Florida.

Rachel Popper, P.A. is an innovative law practice in Palm Beach County, offering services to personal injury attorneys and real estate professionals to finalize client matters. We focus on the final transactional and procedural steps for our clients, so that they can focus on the current needs of their profession. We use an educational and work background that includes law, accounting, real estate and taxation to give our clients a high level of legal counsel that attends to every detail. At times, completing a case or transaction requires extra attention and we are always available to act on your behalf, without interfering with your own client relationships.

An Attorney With A Real Estate And Accounting Background

For agents that need a real estate closing lawyer to complete a transaction, Rachel Popper brings a background as a licensed and experienced agent in South Florida. After nearly three decades in the local area, she is well versed in the property markets and the customary processes for closing a purchase and sale of real estate. As a member of numerous community and volunteer associations, Ms. Popper has the local network and contacts to be a valuable resource to agents that require legal oversight prior to closing. She maintains her membership in the National Realtors Association to stay abreast of both local and national trends and practices.

Specific Legal Services To File Petition To Compromise A Minor's Claim

Personal injury attorneys face a unique procedural process when there is a settlement offer for a minor's claim. We have the insight and knowledge of this specific area of law, and can handle the petition to compromise a minor claim while you attend to other cases. Because we have studied the Florida court requirements for minor claims, we are able to file the petition, attend hearings and arrange any necessary guardianship for funds on behalf of your clients. This final step is required to protect the minor's interests, and the courts must approve the settlement in many cases.

Rachel Popper, P.A.: A Law Practice With A Difference

Our unique practice is designed to solve problems for our professional clients in completing their own cases. As your resource, we can answer your questions and prevent any delays or obstacles to finalizing settlement payments or real estate closings. Our legal counsel is available to you at any stage of a case or transaction, so that we can help you avoid any issues that may arise. Please contact us for a consultation so that we can describe how our legal service can work for your firm or agency.