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Rachel Popper, P.A. Will Provide You With A Dedicated And Thorough South Florida Real Estate Closing Attorney.

Finalizing the purchase and sale of real estate can be a complex transaction that requires the knowledge of an experienced real estate closing lawyer. Even if an attorney was not involved in drafting or negotiating the sale agreement, Rachel Popper, P.A. can work on behalf of real estate agents, buyers or sellers to make sure that there are no legal impediments to closing the sale.

Why Do Buyers or Sellers Need A Real Estate Closing Lawyer?

If you are a buyer or seller of property, you can benefit from legal counsel to represent you at closing. At the real estate closing, all elements of the transaction are completed if the terms of the purchase and sale agreement have been met by both parties. Because there can be issues with some of these elements, our firm will closely review all documents, financing arrangements, title searches and warranties prior to closing. In some cases, there are hidden problems with clearing title or conditions for financing, and with our firm you will have the legal counsel that you need to address any unexpected issues. Our firm can act as your attorney in representing your interests in a real estate closing, and we are also ready act as the closing agent. We will make sure that all elements of the transaction are complete and valid, so that the sale can be finalized. These services include:

  • Title searches and resolution of any liens against the property.
  • Determining any assessments that are outstanding against a condominium, if applicable.
  • Tax Reproration agreement that details how discrepancies in property tax will be paid by the parties.
  • Review of financing documents and methods of payment.
  • Mortgage payoff authorization form.
  • Deed, affidavits and bill of sale.
  • Closing instructions delivered to the closing agent.

  • Not every closing will require all of these services, but even the simplest real estate transaction will have very specific closing instructions and requirements. If you wait until the date of the closing for review the necessary documents then you run the risk of encountering unexpected problems. Our services are available to you at any time so that we can be proactive in resolving any issues with the sale.

    Rachel Popper, P.A.: Real Estate Closing Lawyer

    Whether you are an agent, buyer or seller, you will want to know that all of these documents have been prepared correctly, and that any liens or defects in title are amended prior to the closing date. In the event that there are unresolved issues, the closing will be delayed and payment will not be released from escrow, including agent commissions. Real estate agents can fulfill their fiduciary duty to clients by using our legal services to confirm that all details of the sale are valid and complete.

    As a real estate agent, you have a duty to your clients to oversee the entire sale process, including the closing. By engaging our firm to conduct the closing, you will be giving your clients the highest level of professional service, which only enhances your reputation.

    Please contact us for a consultation so that we can discuss your real estate closing and how our services can be useful to you.

    Closing Lawyer For Real Estate Agents

    Rachel Popper, P.A. is available to real estate agents as an alternative to using title companies to consummate a client transaction. Some real estate agents view attorneys as unnecessary unless there is a legal conflict, but our firm can help you avoid problems before they occur, and we can take responsibility for finalizing the transaction at closing. Our goal is to be your ally in giving your clients the best possible representation of their interests. When even a slight issue with title or financing can hold up the transaction, it is essential to have an experienced real estate attorney to handle the closing, rather than a title company. We have the knowledge to review all closing documents and terms of the agreement, confirm financing, and conduct all necessary title clearing. Most title companies will hire an outside attorney to do this work, so it is better to have us provide the complete legal and closing service for your client.